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If you are a big fan of all kinds of sports games, 77betMY is the best place for sports betting in Malaysia. Online sportsbook Malaysia allows you to place your bets for your favorite team. All you need to do is just sit back and cheer once you start to bet.

With trusted online sportsbook Malaysia, you’ll be able to win real money easily and get amazing thrills. In fact, our sites offer live TV that makes it easier to bet on the best team with the highest odds of winning. 

What is Online Sports Betting and Online Sportsbook Malaysia?


First of all, you have to fully understand what a sportsbook and online sports bet is so you’ll have a clear direction on what sports wager to get your return back. Online sports are betting activity that allows players to predict the sports results and bet for the outcome. Players in 77Bet Malaysia can bet on sports such as online football betting, badminton, basketball, ping pong, boxing, and horse racing.

At 77Bet online gambling sites, Malaysia's best sportsbook online platform, players can place a wager on their favorite sports online with a bookmaker or named sportsbook. Here, we’ll let you know what a sportsbook is and how to start your game on a sportsbook.

Sportsbook is also named bookie or bookmaker. It can be defined as a place or organization that accepts the players gambling on any type of sports and league around the world they like and available on the platform. As different sportsbooks will be entitled to different rules of winning and losing of your bet.

Players can simply check on the difference between a few sportsbooks. To start wager on a sportsbook. With the complete information, you’ll be slowly familiar with sports live betting online.

Types of Popular Sportsbook in Malaysia

As a highly entertaining activity, sports have historically changed the lifestyle of Malaysians unconsciously. Sportsbet is easy at 77Bet Malaysia, players can only do it at the comfort of home. It’s a really relaxing activity as when you have a long day after work, a place of bet for online sportsbook Malaysia will take you only five minutes to complete. With only a few minutes, you can definitely bring back the real money sports bet than you expected.

At online casino Malaysia 77Bet, we are attentive to providing our players with only the best sports betting games with top quality. Thus, we guarantee that you will enjoy the best online sportsbook Malaysia with easier teams to score. Here’s the list of popular sportsbooks in Malaysia 77Bet provided.


For sports bet lovers, they will surely have heard about CMD368. Even if you might be new to online sports betting, CMD368 is the place you can start your wages with. CMD368 is a well-established and widely known sports online platform that allows mobile & desktop access.

Besides, CMD368 also enhances their games and provides diversified game selection. They provide all live matches for players including the famous La Liga football league. Simply register at 77BetMY and enjoy your bet with CMD368 today.

M8bet Sport

77Bet Malaysia offers customers with M8Bet Sport that contains more than 3000 games to bet as casinos online. M8Bet sport is one of the pioneers in online sportsbooks in Asia. You can place the bet on M8Bet with a big heart as they have been regulated and licensed in the Philippines since 2012.

The gaming with M8Bet sport is never to be so easy. With the higher odds of winning, M8Bet is one of the best platforms for online sportsbook Malaysia to place a wager on your favorite football matches with your football predictions.


Microgaming provides various online casino games including online slots with online slot machines, online live casinos, and undoubtedly, online sportsbook Malaysia. At 77Bet Malaysia, we present the best sports game provider to you. Microgaming offers Instant Football, Instant Horses, Virtual Football, Tennis, and many more interesting games that are worth your wager.

Why Choosing 77Bet Malaysia for Online Sportsbook Betting?

77Bet is the ultimate platform for online betting games in Malaysia. We offer players 100% exciting sports games and matches from the comfort of their living room. 77Bet Malaysia is the most trusted sports betting platform with also offering slots games, live casino with best casinos offer and lottery Malaysia.

As 77BetMY was well known for having the best odds and fast settlement time in the town. With the quick deposit and withdrawal time, you can totally enjoy the real money you get from online sports odds.

Wide Range of Sports Games Available

Sports activity that's most welcomed by Malaysians is always the soccer bet or football bet, basketball bet, badminton matches, and also horse racing. We ensure you’ll find your favorite sports with 77Bet Malaysia. With all the best sports games providers like CMD368, Microgaming, M8Bet on our platform, you’ll definitely win popular sports bets in real money.

Safe and Secure

77Bet is a trusted and reliable sports games platform in Malaysia, safe and secure is our top priority to ensure the information and transaction is 100% protected for every player. There's a huge amount of online sportsbook platforms out there, but only 77Bet Malaysia is designed to be fully focused on the security system.

Other than that, 77Bet ensures the fair and transparency of the games for all players. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about the safety and security of all the financial information and personal information you have on our platform. 

Helpful Customer Support Team

If you’re new to online casino Malaysia, you might need a guide along with your gambling journey. 77Bet Malaysia presents to you our well-trained customer support team that is available 24/7.

They are friendly, helpful, and available for the local language you are familiar with. You can reach them whenever you need in English, Malay, and Chinese languages. Other than website live chat, our customer support team is also available in WhatsApp, Telegram, and WeChat.


Online sports betting is a lot more fun and interesting than you think. Moreover, various promotions solely for sportsbook betting are also available in 77BetMY such as 100% welcome bonuses for sportsbooks, safeguard bonus, 10% daily bonus, and so on. Besides studying football betting tips or soccer betting tips online, you can find out the online sport games provider with sports games that best suit you with 77Bet Malaysia. Sign up for an account with us and you’re ready to start your winning journey to enjoy the best odds experience today.